“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

We carry plants, trees, mulch, stone, equipment and everything else you need for creating the outdoor space of your dreams. Whether you are a budding beginner or a seasoned green thumb, our friendly, knowledgeable staff works hard to serve each customer’s specific needs, making sure they get the right plants along with everything needed to see those plants thrive. We offer the areas largest selection of plants as well as an assortment of quality goods, gardening supplies, and décor that you won’t find at any large chain store.

Tools, Totes & Gloves

Weeding, planting, pruning – whatever your garden chore, a well-made tool will make it easier to accomplish. Start tackling that to-do list with these handy helpers.

Weed & Pest

Arm yourself with supplies to control and prevent weeds, bugs and unwanted garden guests – including hungry deer and rabbits.

Containers & Raised Beds

Set up the perfect home for your garden. Whether a spacious raised bed for your backyard or a grouping of barrels and pots for your patio, there’s a right-sized planter system for all spaces.

Cages & Supports

Whether corralling tomatoes or guiding roses as they climb, a sturdy support system helps your plants grow strong and disease-free.

Fertlizers & Soil

Fertile soil is the foundation of gardening success. Create ideal conditions for your plants – and fuel stronger root growth – by choosing premium soil mixes and amendments.

Garden Accessories

Pick out a cheerful pair of gloves and unearth more gardening necessities. Here you’ll find a range of helpers for tasks from seed sowing and storing to plant marking and potting.

Compost? Mulch? Whether you don’t quite know the difference OR know exactly what you need, We’ve got your covered, including Shredded Mulch, Topsoil Blends, Sand and Rock.

Some of Our Work

Landscape design is the art of arranging or modifying features of a yard for both aesthetic and practical purposes. Luxury Garden Center designers work closely with you to create a design for your space that enhances your lifestyle and adds value to your home or Business.

Let’s Get Started

Our experienced team strives to meet your residential and commercial landscaping needs, and exceed your expectations every time. You can have peace of mind knowing that Central Kentucky’s top landscapers are working on your lawn. In addition, we are licensed and insured.